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over_look's Journal

Claims for minor/overlooked characters
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Claims and themes for fanworks based on overlooked fandoms/characters/pairings
Hey, everyone! Welcome to my community, over_look. This is another of those claim communities, I'm afraid, but this time specifically for those minor characters -- ones that are named in canon but little else, or recurring characters, or ones that are rarely given attention in fic. Elwyn and Nancy in Tales of Phantasia? Duane and Katarin in Final Fantasy VI? Xu or Nida in Final Fantasy VIII? Perhaps Nandi or Tracey from Firefly. Main characters in fandoms that aren't seen around often also count.

Common sense is needed, though. Obviously, characters like Mal from Firefly or Squall from Final Fantasy VIII do not count as minor characters.

1. You may claim a minor character alone, a pairing or group of minor characters, or a minor character in a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with other characters.
2. If you believe a character is a minor character, I'll take your word for it.
3. When you claim, you have to pick a theme set of prompts to base your fics on. There's eight of these -- plenty to choose from -- and each contains ten themes.
4. Since this is all about love for minor characters, there is no limit to how many people can claim one character/relationship/group. You can, however, only pick three claims at once, although they can be from the same fandom.
5. There are no time limits, though if you delete your journal you automatically give up the claim.

1. Each fic you write should be for a claim you hold and should contain one theme from the theme set you chose.
2. Fics of any length are acceptable. If you feel you can write a legitimate story based on a prompt in one sentence -- go for it. As a general rule of thumb, to do a minor character justice, I'd suggest at least 100 words would be a good target. There's no real maximum.
3. You can write whatever genre you want, any kind of fic, but you take responsibility for what you write and you have to make sure there are appropriate warnings.

1. Drawing for a claim is also okay. You can mix and match writing and drawing, or you can do all of one.
2. Any kind of drawing is acceptable -- from a doodle to a fully photoshopped picture -- as long as it's not, you know, stickmen. Or if it's stickmen, make them evocative stickmen. Stickmen with, you know, a story.
3. You can draw any kind of picture you like, but you take full responsibility yourself and are obligated to warn if a piece is not worksafe, etc.

1. Post one fanfic/fanart per entry, so that it can be put into the memories properly. That said, it'd be nice if you didn't flood the comm with more than two or three entries all at once.
2. Post it using this header:

3. Post only fic and art.

1. I will tag all fics by fandom, username of the poster, and claim.
2. The memories will use the same categories.
3. When a set is complete, I'll tag it with "complete #whatever" and link to it in the completed claims post so everyone can see how awesome you are.

If you change your username, the tags will be changed to reflect this, but unfortunately it's too much hassle to do that with the memories, since there isn't a way to edit all memories with the same keyword simultaneously. This currently applies to:
-shanaqui, formerly twilightsrain

Read the rules?
Themes: Here.
Claim: Here.
Dropping/finished a claim: Here.
Questions?: Here.

All posts in this journal are about fictional situations and are not intended to offend people, and nor are they intended to support or condone illegal and morally dubious activities.

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